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Planning Year Round

January 13, 2021

Many people confuse tax planning with tax preparation and only think about it when preparing their annual tax return. However, there is little you can do to actually lower your tax bill when preparing your return. If your goal is to reduce income taxes, you need to be aware of tax planning opportunities throughout the year.

Take time early in the year, perhaps as part of the tax preparation process, to assess your tax situation, looking for ways to reduce your tax bill. Consider a host of items, such as the types of debt you owe, how you’re saving for retirement and college, which investments you own, and what tax-deductible expenses you incur. It often helps to discuss these items with a professional who can review strategies you might not have considered.

During the year, consider the tax consequences before making important financial decisions. This will prevent you from finding out later that there was a better way to handle the transaction for tax purposes.

Look at your tax situation again in the fall, which gives you plenty of time before year-end to implement any additional tax planning strategies. At that point, you’ll also have a better idea of your expected income and expenses for the year. You may then want to use strategies you hadn’t considered earlier in the year, such as selling investments at a loss to offset capital gains.


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