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Social Security Analysis Services

Social Security Analysis Services in Long Beach, CA | Randall Wealth Group

Social Security Analysis Services in Long Beach, CA

At Randall Wealth Management Group, we pride ourselves on being a small, family-owned firm. When we develop a new relationship, we look at it as lifelong and treat the client like family. It takes time to cultivate meaning and trust within the scope of the advisor/client relationship. All of our efforts are geared towards gaining the confidence of our clients through our ability to provide appropriate financial solutions to each area of their financial picture. Each client receives individualized care from our team of financial professionals. We specialize in retirement planning and investment services in Long Beach, CA. Our Retirement Planning Software creates a realistic projection of what an individual’s retirement will look like and identifies potential concerns.

Main Types of Social Security

  • Individual Benefit - The benefit you'll receive based on your earnings history and work record.
  • Spousal Benefit - Your spouse one-half of the primary workers benefit or the their own, whichever is higher.
  • Survivor or Widow/Widower Benefit - The surviving spouse get the higher benefit, but the lower benefit goes away.

What Can Affect Your Benefits?

  • Earnings History - The more you make, the higher tax you pay, and the higher Social Security benefit you’ll have.
  • Work History - Social Security takes your 35 highest earning years and puts them into a calculation to find your benefit amount. The longer you work the more likely your benefit will be high.
  • Claiming Age - You have between 62 and 70 to claim your individual benefits. The earlier you claim it, the lower the amount. If you wait until 70, your benefits will be maxed out.
  • Current Employment - There’s an earning test if you’re still working and are claiming your benefits. Some of your benefits get temporarily taken away.

Why Should I Use A Financial Advisor?

Although we have access to a wealth of information in this day and age, including financial information, it is essential to seek the advice of a financial professional.  Why should you get a financial advisor involved? There are many different factors that an affect your Social Security Benefits and different claiming strategies. Using a financial advisor to guide and teach you how to make informed decisions can help you avoid making costly mistakes in your retirement planning. No one wants to leave money on the table. Help ensure successful retirement planning with a financial advisor in your corner. Call and make an appointment today.

This information presents a general overview of certain rules and information  related to Social Security and the ideas presented are not individualized for your particular situation. This information is based on current law which can be changed at any time.

 Information is not intended to provide specific legal or tax advice. You are encouraged to consult with the Social Security Administration or your tax or legal professional for guidance on your individual situation.

PlanMember Securities Corporation, Randall Wealth Management  and this representative  are not affiliated with or employed by the Social Security Administration nor are we associated with or endorsed by the Social Security Administration or any other Government Agency.

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